How to install WatCMS

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Installation is easy process and it will not take long. Follow the steps below.

1) Download the zip file WatCMS.zip

2) Get a hosting, 90% of the hosting have Cpanel.

3) Open Cpanel www.yourwensite.com/cpanel

4) Press on File Manager


5) On the left side you will see the foldors structure, find the folder public_html and press on it, after press on the top the button Upload

6) Select the zip file WatCMS.zip and wait untill the download is 100%

7)  Go back to File Manager and refresh the page, after on the list click right click on file WatCMS.zip and select Extract. Wait untill the extract is done.

8) Access the link www.yourwebsite.com/public/check.php to check if your hosting meet all the requrements for the WatCMS, if all ok you should see all the points green

8.1) If you see an error like bellow folow the steps on point 8.2, if all ok skip to point 9

8.2) Go to Cpane and aceess MultiPHP Manager( if you not find the MultiPHP Manager, ask your hosting support where you can chenge the version of PHP to 7.2 minim, or ask them to do this :) )

8.3) Find the website name in the list, and check the checkox next to website; Select from dropdown the last version of php in my case is PHP 7.2; And press the button Apply and check again if the error disappear. Now should be all right.

9) Go to your website home page www.yourwebsite.com/ you should redirect to www.yourwebsite.com/install where you should enter your database name, database username, database password

10) How to create a database, Go to CPanel and access MysqlDatabases

10) After find a sections "Create New Database" and enter your database name, any name

11) On the same page page find Add new User Sections and add new user, keep the user name and password

12) On the next page Check all the boxess

13) Link the user with database On the same page find the sections Add user to database


14) Go to instalation page and  ente your details and press next

15) Next page create an Admin User

16 ) All done!!!